Stelios Manganis is an Oxford based Artist, Researcher and Academic. His practice involves the use of mechanisms in contemporary installations, sculpture and performance, to investigate one’s changing perception of what machines represent and how technology can connect man with his environment. He analyses the paradox around the possibility of employing technology so as to come even closer to what is human and natural. His research concentrates on the issue of affects and affect theory in relation to mechanical assemblages through the imprint of sound and movement.

Manganis holds a Masters with Distinction in Contemporary Arts and a PhD in Fine Art. He has been awarded a doctoral competition award by the UK’s Arts and Humanities Research Council and research grants by the European Union and the Experimental Psychology Society. His work has been featured in interdisciplinary, Art and healthcare publications. Manganis has undertaken artist residencies, created commissioned work for social organizations and galleries and has exhibited both as a solo artist as well as part of artist collaborations.


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